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17 Wedding Etiquette Tips

All what you need to know about Wedding Etiquette

A lot of questions will come across your mind when you think of the wedding etiquette, who will receive an invite to your wedding ? the guest list and who should i invite to my wedding, what to wear, what to register for and how to plan and prepare everything for the most important day in your life ? All the answers for your questions about wedding etiquette in here.

It's allowed to ask a friend why she RSVPed "No" ?

Only if you asked her in diplomatically way, But be careful because her reason might be embarrassing, like if she's having financial problem and can't buy a gift.  You can send her a short e-mail ( e-mail is better than a phone call ) telling her that you will miss her and when you're back from the honeymoon you'd love to spend some time with her.

We decided not to invite kids to our wedding. But His mother wants us to allow one couple. What should I do?

You have the right to invite or not invite kids to your wedding, As long as you and fiance agree to the rules then he should explain your decision to his mother.

I'm inviting friends to my wedding party whom still single. Do I need to include a guest on their invitations?

No,  You will invite everyone, If there is one or two of your single friends who will call and ask about bringing a tag-along. tell them that you can't accommodate any extra guests. If they insist and want to come with a date, then you have to invite another friend who will respect your wishes.

I want my wedding party to be a dressy affair. But I'm not sure if I insist on black-tie, some people will not like it or will not come.

If you want your wedding to be like a celebration that resembles Oscar night then do it. But keep in mind that some men will need to rent tuxes, this mean an additional cost of $40 or more.add these expenses to the gift's cost and travel arrangements.
There is no force here, men are allowed to wear dark suits when black-tie is called for. If you're not sure that your guests will understand this option then put black-tie optional on the invitation.

Can my fiance's mother wear a pantsuit for our wedding party?

Wearing trouser ensemble is ok as long as it's in a dressy fabric like organza,silk-shantung,chiffon or satin. For the style she will have to consider flowing palazzo pants and a matching top.

What i do when I can't afford to give favors ? 

If you can't afford to give favors then there is other ideas. Ask your florist to design breakaway centerpieces, each guest will take home a tiny bouquet of flowers or a pretty plant, a sweet bag of candy, little packets of flower seeds. You can also make a donation to your favorite charity, and print up cards that read: "In lieu of a favor, a donation has been made to the american cancer society (acs)." By doing this you will help out a good cause while your guests will be touched by your generous spirit.

Is it a good idea to  invite my ex-husband to my wedding party? 

It depends on the relationship between you and your ex husband, If both of you are still on good terms and you guarantee that there is no jealousy on his part, then you can invite him. But if you are not sure of his reaction then don't invite your ex husband to your wedding. The reason is Inviting an ex will make him choose between refusing your invitation and looking bitter, or accept it but he may feel uncomfortable.

If we are vegetarians, can we plan for a meatless feast in our wedding party ? 

If you feel very strongly about not serving meat then choose vegetarian dinner plans and try to make your guests enjoy the menu, Keep in mind that wedding party is like any party, you have to keep your guests happy so if your friends and family will like to eat meat then make one menu for the meat-eating crowd, and vegetarian one for you.

If the mother is a widow who will sit with her in the front row in the wedding day ?

The front row is not a parents-only zone. When you decide wedding ceremony seating, your guidelines must be the family dynamics, so her sister can sit next to her for example.

Should i invite everyone at my work to my wedding or my boss only ? 

Control the guest count, this is your new challenge. If you have an empty place in your guests list for everyone then go ahead, if you are working in a large office then invite your boss only to your wedding. If you are working in a big company then invite your department only. If you are working in a small office with a small staff then you can invite the whole crew.

Keep in mind that you will need to invite your co-workers who know about your wedding months ago, it's not acceptable to talk with someone for a year about your wedding and don't invite him, so if you've been chatting with you co-workers about your wedding then you will need to invite them. Also because you are working together and you will see each other everyday.

Can I ask my friends to not to wear the same color of my dress in my wedding day ? 

You can't tell the people on your invitation what they must not wear, And your dress color should be a surprise for everyone. a bouquet or a veil is enough to make you the star of the wedding party, no matter how many people are wearing the same color, all the eyes will be on you in your wedding day.

When i want to cut anyone who is not family or close friend. How do i tell them that they are no longer invited to my wedding party ?

To handle the changes of your plans you will need to invite the smaller number of family and your close friends to your wedding. If you want to tell someone who is not a family or a close friend that he is no longer invited then send him a letter and explain your reasons, like your financial situation has changed and you are forced to change your wedding plan by sacrificing the large wedding reception you had wanted to host for a very small family ceremony.

My future mother-in-law doesn't want to invite a member of her family to my wedding party, what should i do ? 

Nothing, don't try to do anything until you talk to your fiancé and understand his opinion, If he wants to invite this relative then he should talk to his mother about it. If both your fiancé and his mother agree that they don't want this person then you have to follow their decision.

Who should be the first to know about my wedding?

Don't share the news or the photos to your social networks before telling the family and friends. If you have any children from another marriage they should be told first. Parents, relatives, godparents, and all your close friends should  be told before anyone else.

Can i have someone besides my father walk me down the Aisle?

Traditionally your father is the one who will walks you down the aisle. But you can have your mom or your stepdad, brother and sister is ok. Also you can even walk alone if you want or with more than one person. It doesn't really matter who walks you down the aisle but don’t let it be a last-minute decision

Do I have to send an Invitation for someone i know he will not attend ? 

When you invite the people they will think they have to give a gift even if they can't attend. If you know someone who has a reason and can't attend then there is no need to invite him, You have to invite your best friends and family anyway but the invitation should come with a note that explains you are sending it as a keepsake.

What are the duties of the bridesmaid in a wedding party?

Bridesmaids will assist the bride in the planning of the wedding, help her choose the dress for the wedding party and will attend fittings for their own dresses, it makes sense for bridesmaids to throw the bridal shower but they are not required to do so.

Bridesmaids will help with the little details that keep the wedding day running smoothly. Bridesmaids should participate in any activities like a receiving line or a bouquet toss.

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