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How to know if she doesn't like you

How to know if she doesn't like you

There is a signs that can tell you if she likes you or she doesn't like you.

Much of what is mentioned here applies no matter if you are already dating each other or it's a crash, Women don't reveal themselves unless they don’t want this relationship.

This means that any woman will give you a proof that she see you as a friend and she is not willing to continue in this relationship.

There are only two people in the world that women are vicious to : other women and men they can't stand and don't like.

To know if she doesn't like you then you need to search for this clues.

She will not try to change her image

When a woman cares about a man, she will start to change and qualify herself and her image to fit his standards and tastes. She will start to ask him about his opinion on her clothes, the colors, she will start to learn how to cook the food that he likes, she may tell him that she remembered him when she saw this 'X item'.

If she doesn't like you then she will not care about your opinion on her clothes, she will not try to change herself or her image and will not try to be accepted by you or "fit in".

If she doesn't like you then you will feel like that is only with you for free meals, money, Social media attention or maybe to supply and feed her ego. At this point you will ask yourself why she doesn't reply to my message or answer my call ?

She will not think sexually of you

If she doesn't like you then she will not be sexually attracted to you, her body language will be muted and will not act girly while you are together, you will feel like she is one of the guys and you will not see the woman inside her, this is a sign that she want to blend in with you so she will not be noticed by you as a female.

If she likes you then everyone will notice that her body language is telling something, her eyes and her hand when she twist her hair, when she blush or sit up straight and try to appear sexuality attractive to you.

She is treating you as a friend

You may wonder if she friend zoned you or no, the signs are clear and the clues are everywhere.

When she flirt with other guys or talk with you about another guy she finds attractive.

When she cry to you about another guy, this means that she doesn't see you more than a friend.

If a woman is in love with you or attracted to you then she will never ever mention another man or flirt with others.

If she see you as a friend then she will not treat you more than a friend, your messages and calls are not her first priority, because you are a friend like other friends. but if she is in love with you then your call and message is the most important thing in life.

It's easy to find out if she doesn't like you, all what you need to do is to care about her reaction,body language, how she is treating you,  if she likes you, you will see her acts girly, ditzy, and annoying–doing everything she can to get your attention and gain your approval. 

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