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How to break the ice in a conversation

How to break the ice in a conversation

Sometimes during a conversation we reach the point that everyone keep silent and many people don't know how to break the ice and keep the other people interesting in the conversation, this guide will help you to break the ice in a conversation, after reading this you will not ask anymore what should i say or how to get his/her attention. (How to know if she doesn't like you ? )

The most important thing is to not make the other one feel that you don't find something to talk about, don't give him/her hints that you are lost and searching for something to say, don't play with your mobile phone or check your facebook and don't look around all the time.

You have to discover the charachter of the person that you are talking to, some people don't talk too much and reply with yes,no or give you one word as an answer. this charachter will need from you more effort and you wil have to ask many questions about many details. they don't hate you or feel that you are boring they are not able to talk too much because this is their charahcter, most of them are shy or interovert

If you are one of this people who answer any question with one word then my advise to you will be try to add some details to your answer to give the other person a chance to keep talking. tell them why you like this and why you dislike this, the people may misunderstand you when all your answers is not more than one word.

We have to understand that all of us are intereted in different subjects, not all of us are the same, some people enjoy talking about music or songs while some are not interesting in descussing music and prefer sports. The people will talk too much about the subjects that they are intereteing in so the first thing that you should do while talking with someone is so discover the subjects that he/she is interested in.

You will use this subjects to break the ice, when you feel that there is nothing to talk about then start talking about the subject that this person will love to talk about, if you are not sure what is he/she interesting in then you can use some random conversation starter  to discover the subjects that the other person will love to talk about.

Find something in common, this step will make the conversation takes longer time, if both of you are interesting in travelling then start talking about the last city you visited, your dream destination or ask him/her to suggest new places to visit.

Go back to a point that you were talking about, if you were descussing music and fishing for example and then the other person kept silent, then ask him/her any questuion that is related to the subjects that you were talking about.

Give the other person enough time to talk and don't ask him/her anything before he/she finish his talking to make the conversation longer.

Listen to everything while he/she is talking, then ask questions about what he/she was telling you, this questions will make the other person thinks that you care about what he/she is telling you .

For example if i told you that i have a blog that is called Banotta then ask me if the blog has many visitors or no, what is the subjects that i write about . . . etc.

Don't force your opinion or try to convince the other person with your point of view, spiceally if you were talking about the religion or the politics, maybe both of you are wrong and be careful that many people are sensitive when talking about their belive or their political point of view.

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